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Controlled Vocabulary

Coordinated language simplifies search requests.

Experts in the fields of chemistry, biology and EDP clearly speak a different language as regards technical terms and usage. This makes it difficult to standardize language in IT projects. Similarly, applications and databases differ in the way information is stored in them and in the way terms can be used to search within them. What is therefore required for comparing and processing information from different data sources and special fields is a system support that gives users access to a uniform namespace.

A Controlled Vocabulary facilitates the search in data warehouses. Users can thus resort to different concepts for describing their data while the Controlled Vocabulary translates them into the search objects.

The Controlled Vocabulary is an OSTHUS component which maps requests to the database objects used internally (content objects) and allows multiple terms (non-preferred terms). A central supervisor (moderator) ensures uniformity regarding naming conventions (preferred terms) and the allocation of (mapping) the terms.

On the one hand, the Controlled Vocabulary constitutes a method whose introduction we support through our Consulting for Change Management, and, on the other hand, it is a software module for applications in the scientific field. It is available as an independent module for application development in JAVA.

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